Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are we bad or what.....

As many of you know I am a preschool teacher. Each day something new happens, which doesn't surprise us. However, in all the 17+ years of doing this, I have never, except for a planned fire drill, had to remove the children from the building.

Yesterday, during nap time, the company that is building our new playground hit a gas line. During nap time, many of our teachers are on their lunch brakes, but we were lucky because one of our parent had made us lunch, so many of the staff had not left the center.

So here we are, standing in the kitchen filling our plates, and one of the staff member relayed to us that a gas line had broke, but not telling us where. We didn't know if she had left the building, and had seen it some where else, or what. She did not tell us, we had to leave the building. We all just stood there, until a member of the church had come over to our building to help with removing the children, telling us it was one of our gas line.

Everything turned out ok. Children went home with maybe half a hour nap. And we were removed from the building for a hour and a half.

We all laugh after, because we where just standing there looking at each other, because there is always something happening in the area. We are in the middle of Berkeley, near CAL. It's nothing new for something to happen. We were asked why didn't we move when we were told, and it was because the way the message was relayed. "A gas line has broke." It was kinda like that old game "telephone", how a message starts and how it ends up.

We told the parent who make our lunch, that we were willing to "die" for her food.

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